Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Utterly subjective information

Oh dear.

The Harry Potter quiz I devised for the backward oiks of Tramore has started to unravel. First up came a busy-body mother who queried this:

What department does Arthur Weasley work in the Ministry of Magic?

I somehow managed to forget that of course Arthur Weasley CHANGES departments in book six. Then this was spied:

Who owns 12 Grimmauld Place?

When of course the ownership of 12 Grimmauld Place is handed on to Harry on the death of the original owner in Book 5! And just this morning, I've realised that this:

What all-female wizarding pop group played the Yule Ball in Book 4?

is intrinsically wrong! The Wyrd Sisters aren't all-female at all! They're just ironic!

The mounting evidence propounding my suffocating ignorance is very disheartening. I may have to hand the nerd mantel over to Mary's eight-year old who gleefully tested me on my Harry Potter knowledge last Monday and roared with laughter at every hesitation. Bested. By an eight-year old.


Marie said...

I told you the quiz was impossible and it was for all those reasons you just pointed out which I spotted straight away being the dedicated fan I am.

fuzzbrian said...

"backward oiks of tramore"

says yer wan with the Harry Potter quiz and the dilema over who REALLY owns 12 bullshit place???

Curly said...

But I bet could down a pint quicker than Marys' 8 year old. Make sure you inform her of your superiority in this area next time you see her.

liz said...

see that was obviously the reason why i struggled with the quiz! when i fact the quiz master was misinformed herself! hahaha!