Friday, November 18, 2005

Getting INTO local government

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Do you know John Deasy like I know John Deasy? This young man first came to my attention in spring of 2002 when his dashing face appeared on electricity poles and flyers all over my home constituency of Waterford. What a smile; what a jaw; see how his eyes gaze shyly at you from under his manly brow? Such a man deserved not only to be an elected representitive of our county in government but also general adoration and his pick of local comely maidens.

How I watched with pride as young Deasy stomped home to victory! How I hid the fact that I had voted Fine Gael from my mother! Established as party spokesman for Justice and Law Reform, young Deasy had a fine career ahead of him, and a pretty TV3 newswoman on his arm. But things could never be calm and tranquil with this young Waterford firestarter; Deasy raised party hackles when he voted against the guidance of his leader on the controversial smoking ban. Mr Deasy said at the time:

I think we could be a bit more decisive. We could take stands on issues that are unpopular. I think we need to mean something.

You poor idealistic sod, politics is no place for you! His tragic failing was this heedless optimism, this headstrong inclination for brave gestures. Earlier this year, only a few days after the introduction of the smoking ban, Deasy was caught smoking in the Dáil bar. Uproar ensued, and Enda Kenny moved swiftly to chasten our young hero. Analysts feared for his previously promising career:

John Deasy was, is and always will be a rebel, and no one should be surprised. He is like his father before him, bright and intelligent, but finds that toeing the party line is a difficult challenge.
[Irish Times, April 03 2004]

Having hitherto shone for his clean-cut good looks and boyish optimism, Deasy now became the Fine Gael bad boy, condemned and relinquished to the slag heap by all. But lo! What news is this? At the beginning of October, John Deasy took the decisive move to open up his constituency office in Tramore, Co. Waterford. The Munster Express refused to see this as a positive step forward:

"It may not be the pinnacle of his ambitions but his party leader Enda Kenny insisted that last Friday's opening of a new constituency office in Tramore is "the best thing John Deasy will do in his political career."

Of course it is! What action, involving a move to Tramore, is wrong! On occasion, our young TD has a pint in the Vic. I drink many pints in the Vic! It is meant to be. Also, his constituency office is just down the road and his office hours are 4-5pm on a Friday.

I might have a word voicing my concerns over waste collection charges this afternoon...


fuzzbrian said...

THe smoking ban only came in this year, did it?

And Maura Durane is a minger.

And John Deasy is a cunt, just like his sister Sally. Or shitty sally as we cally her in school. Or Ride, Sally, Ride. Cos you'd probably get off with her. If you were 15 and in school and she was your teacher.

John Deasy's sister TAUGHT ME IN SCHOOL.

Anyway, true to Fine Gael form he's completely out of touch with certain aspects of life, like REALITY.

fuzzbrian said...

you should start small, put your support behind local polictions would make changes that REALLY effect you.

Like Councillor (and eternal environmental campaigner) J. McCartan, on the Tramore Town Council.

Marie said...

Can't say I agree with you there Luce, I think there's this sleazy look about him and I don't think he was just being a rebel having that cigarette in the Dail bar i think was being a dick.