Monday, November 13, 2006

How to turn a bad day good, part the first

Don't worry your pretty little head over what it is; point is that it arrived today, three weeks before it was due and made me hop up and down a little in delight. I haven't been hopping much lately. I never get post except from loan companies offering me credit cards* so when an unexpected present you bought yourself turns up early, you have to hop a little.

*Oh yeah, and from Mona, who cuts out job ads and sends them to me with little inspirational messages written on them. 'Go for it, Luce!' Thanks Mona, she who keeps faith when all around her are losing theirs.


Anonymous said...

sorry to disapoint you luce but the ad was from chris. the message too! i did write the address on the envelope though..mona

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disapoint you Luce, but it was actually Chris who sent you the ad. He also sent the message. I did write the address on the envelope though! Mona