Thursday, June 29, 2006


I don't know. I just don't know. I went to try and give blood today but the bastards wouldn't take it. All cos my iron was too low. I would have kicked up a fuss and showed my mettle (ha) but I was tired and wet from walking in the rain and I had been waiting two hours. So I nodded sadly and slunk anemicly away. They don't know what they're missing, man. My blood is brilliant. I got two phone calls, a text message and a letter from the Transfusion Bord reminding me to donate. I don't know, my blood must be magic or something. Heal the sick. When I whined about it to Marie she laughed and said 'ha, that's hilarious, my iron is never too low and I am a vegetarian.' I just cocked a shapely eyebrow at her. She is so not a vegetarian, not since I forced her to eat a chicken nugget one night when we were drunk. Since then she's been slowly coming back to the fold, eating chicken stir-frys and everything. Oh yes. I will have her in my clutches soon. My pale, weak clutches.


Anonymous said...

haha - i was there too in the lovely carpeted CBS hall, but couldnt donate in the end as the 1.5 hour queue was too much. sure might see ya over a pint of blood some other time...Daithí

AMS said...

ive never given blood - im a complete chickenshit though i know i really should