Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Boringer and boringer

Oh, blow it. I can't think of anything to post. I'll try this: my neighbour, who has no car but has a traffic cone she keeps in her hallway for when her friends come. She trundles out with said cone before they arrive and sticks it in the parking space nearest her house. WHICH IS ALSO NEAREST OUR HOUSE. This drives the mother nutsy though I don't mind it. Because, hell, even though I'm so excellent at the old driving now, I need a good quarter mile stretch to park. Luckily the neighbour is a demented old bat with no friends so this doesn't happen much. I love the elderly!

Anyway, consider this picture (of my new mirror in my room- notice, if you will, the electrical wire tying it to the wall. Yes, I am a DIY queen) as my parking cone. Keeping my spot open, if you will.

Bonus points if you can guess the picture on my bedroom wall. Yes, yes: barrel, bottom, scraping. I GET IT.


Joey said...

Why do I look at this and think "The Ring"?

Jenny said...

Lucy, where'd ya get that mirror? Its exactly what ive been looking for! D'ya think I could rob it when I collect you for our date on Friday?

Mossy said...

Looks like people scrubbing a floor.

The light and floor reminds me of Tramore House.

Curly said...

The picture is a naked person sitting down touching their toes in a house that is falling to pieces. I win.

Huw said...

Lucy, you have no reflection. VAMPIRE!