Sunday, June 04, 2006

New Jersey, baby!

Recieved from Sally yesterday evening:

Sending to everyone email so dont feel unloved and not unique im just too lazy and iv only 43minutes!! Ok Ny is sooooo hot and humid and didnt get to our stinkin hostel til like 10, ful of like bible bashers or like naked ppl or like ppl who do art work in the hall at 4 in the morning!!

Then orientation the next morning was a drag (So American of me) and the girl who gave the talk was the image of Jessica Simpson,so ya can IMAGINE wha we're up against! Then since we're such nice ppl we made friends with theses guys, Conor and Dave, Conor is like in CIT too and hes 22, and Dave is in TIT [presumably she means Institute of Technology Tralee. Freudian, I'm sure] and is also 22, really nice gyuys and we travelled with them to NJ, which took sooo long but twas grand,cuz we changed buses in Atlantic City, Atlantic City baby!

Then when we got here, it was so weird we met this Russian and he kinda got us a house, but the land ppl are such americans and keep pickin on us, met this weird yet funny woman who keeps laughin,she loves me cuz i laugh with her!! Next door to us were these two Davids from Waterford, how weird i know!! and this Scotish girl, Ashley so bla bla shes gona live with us cuz they kinda in fight with each other when thery're pissed!

Oh and these "kids" who like had prom the night before are all over the resort and we were talkin to the prom king, and everyone thinks i was after him cuz i said ok then bye cya on the beach 2m, just to get rid of them!!(although that would of made me prom queen)

Ok jobs,we all kinda have stuff lined up, 2lads and ashley, in theme park, me and mea in a restaurant and Sin and Kate in like a frog stand or sumit, but like we havent stared work at all so who no's! no house but we'll know about one 2n, fingers crossed, the house has this gorgeous balconey on it and its beside an irish pub!

Mom my battery wont charge and im thinkin of buyin a phone, sinead bought one there a min ago, cant work the pay phones tried ringin the library but it wont work!!! Niamhy,you ok?? Love ya all wish i could write more but im starvin for a bita greasy food, oh had pancakes for breakfast,wait for it with strawberries!!!!

"see you guys"

"UHHH KIds from the program"

Don't feel bad. I haven't a clue what it means either. Most of it is probably hilarious in-jokes that we don't get because we are not 'kids from the program'. Are you frightened by the amount of times she says 'like' in her email? I am. America, what hast thou done to my sister?