Friday, May 19, 2006

How the Irish Stereoptype was born

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Durshka said...

Wench!! How'd you find me...damn, I linked that damn other thing to here, didn't I? :(

*pretends to be invisible*

Chris Cope said...

"Here's to blackin' out before cryin' yourself to sleep."

That is my new toast.

Mossy said...

It's funny beacuse I'm slightly drunk watchin this.

That word verification was hard.

Anonymous said...

Lu-Lu... It's Lorelai... Although I'm drunk whilst watchin this.. I seri-oh-sly DO NOT apprecite the fact that it will not work. I'm tryin to show my weird friend how cool your blog is, and there it goes, doin somethin like this.... Eternally yours, and eternally drunk... Lorelai -x-