Monday, February 16, 2009

Je me fous du passé!

Did you know that I saw La Vie en Rose three times? The first time I was drunk, the second inattentive and the third despairing of ever following the ridiculous structure of the damned thing. What I eventually got from it, after some frantic Wikipedia-ing, was that Edith Piaf was fucking awesome. Also a lush and possibly insane. In surprising news, Piaf means 'little sparrow'. Now put that in your pipe and have a chew.


Von Linus said...

That Je ne regrette rien line is all very well if you've never staggered home at 4 in the morning, drunk texted someone you fancied, and then gotten sick on yourself.


Lucy said...

It's like you always know... I was trying to SING. THROUGH. THE. PAIN.

lizp said...

lucy where is your next blog entry its been almost a month ya big slacker ya!