Thursday, August 31, 2006

Gross! People! Hide, quick!

Well, because I know you've all been waiting, here there are: the photos from Saturday. Calm down! I know there's an upsetting lack of photos of Yours Truly but hell, cool it. It was Mairead's camera so they're nearly all through Mairead's eyes. And of Marie's chest. I'm sayin' nuthin'!

I took this one, so that's the closest you'll be getting to me anytime soon. Anyway, look at the people, see how they laugh! They are laughing at something hilarious I just said, I'm sure. I like to break the tension and shout something witty before photographing people: usually 'Nipples!' or something. God, I'm funny. Although maybe Roisin is laughing cos she's about to get felt up by Brian. Oh no, wait, he's doing that mock I'm-about-to-drop-the-hand move, isn't he? That's good. That always makes me laugh, anyway.

Who am I kidding? I'm heartbroken about not being featured in any of the pictures. I think it goes without saying that I was the hottest person there. Says who? Says me, shithead. Who owns this blog anyway?


Chris Cope said...

Just sayin', but if I were about to put my hand on someone's boobies, I would be looking at said boobies. What's wrong with that kid? What could he possibly be looking at?

Lucy said...

My good friend Brian has a debatable interest in anyone's boobies, if you know what I mean? And I think you will when I tell you that I yell 'GAYBOY!' at him and he does not flinch. So it MUST be true.

Joanne said...

Steve Irwin is dead! Do a tribute to him Lucy. A TRIBUTE goddam it!

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Marie said...

Augh when are you going to write another post? I need my fix of Lucy wit...