Sunday, October 16, 2005

Something deep inside

I have a pain in my stomach. I told my mother last night: 'Mummy! My tummy hurts!'
She eyed me warily and skulled a glass of wine before answering: 'I think- hic!- you are not getting enough exercise.'

My mother eschews all conventional medicine, by the way. Her answer to most ailments is a long walk or going to bed early. THIS IS ALL. Maybe a lemsip, if you're lucky. A body part would have to be hanging off before she would allow you to go to the doctors. I am only telling you this in case I die of gastro-fatal stuff during the night and you need to build a case for child-neglect against the woman. This morning she actually tried to get me to walk the back strand with her. THAT IS EIGHT FUCKING MILES, MAN. And she told me to go study for my theory test. Pah, I say.


stephenesque said...

Perhpas this stomach complaint is the result of all the excitement surrounding your linkage by Outer Life? Might I suggest as a cure an intensive course of being linked to by

liz said...

dears lucinda and your blog,
im must refer to you comments re: the backstrand and its being 8 miles long in my professional capacity (as being a master of CZm with particular focus on the tramore beach and dune area) thats this calculation of lenght is inaccurate.