Saturday, October 08, 2005

Leaving card

Leaving Dublins never easy, originally uploaded by Harriet Vane.

Thank you Paul, Caroline and Paula, the only decent people left in Dublin. Foul, insensitive bunch of friends I have.

Yes, it is a beermat. What of it, peasant?


Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog you got here, I fully anticipate stopping back for some great updates. I have a scented candle site. It pretty much covers scented candle related stuff. Stop by and check it out when you can.


Curly said...

Because you seem SO into scented candles...?

Great blog, I've got an Otter appreciation site. But it's shit.

Misspent said...

Are those line of coke?

Linus said...

I have a site that deals mostly in hardcore pornography. And ham. I like ham.

Curly said...

Would that be Ham AND Hardcore Pornography, Linus?

Where do I type my card details?

Linus said...

Why yes, Curly, yes it would.