Friday, October 14, 2005

Another step towards gender equality

The most adorable little four-year old thing with shiny red ringlets bobbing around her ears just tripped over to the desk with an Angelina Ballerina book and lisped: "Can I read it in bed?"
"Which, the book?"
"Of course you can! In the bath, in the kitchen, in bed, anywhere you want!"

Then she stared at me for five minutes. Yeah, I am obnoxious around children. So fucking what?

"My bed is pink."
"What colour is your bed?"

She wrinkled up her tiny little nose and raised her palms skyward. "Blue is a boys colour."
"No it's not, it's just a colour. It's for boys and girls. You can have a blue bed if you're a girl or a pink bed if you're a boy."

She looked at me pityingly and flipped her curls over her shoulder . "Pink is for girls. You're stupid." she sighed.

Nothing but abuse I get here.


Mossy said...

She has a point!

Hey, the last time I got a book from the Library, it was asterix and i was about 13, but that's because I can't read.

Do I owe any money currently?

Lucy said...

You no longer exist on the system, master Breen. All defective material was purged ages ago.

Andraste said...

Don't listen to the brat. Pink is a patriarchal tool to perpetuate gender inequality. Another generation, lost.