Thursday, April 14, 2005

See This Crooked Finger?

I am just back from stepping outside for a quick cigarette (on my break, naturally; I would never abscond on company time), where I was fortunate enough to overhear the angry rumblings of a shaggy-haired young man. First and foremost in his grumbles was the fact that his friend was over-charging him for for two ounces of some illicit substance. I am not the most careful of citizens but I would consider discussing this on a busy street corner with various dubious student-types milling idly around rather risky. I mean, I could be an undercover cop.

Next he gave out about the Irish healthcare system. The state of old-age homes in Ireland. Irish schools. Irish roads. Irish weather. Prison sentences not being hefty enough. The Taoiseach. The President. Bono. The pope's funeral. Car-clamping in the city. The price of pints. Then his complaints gave way to a more pressing issue; DIT library. Apparently, earlier today, some 'bitch librarian' charged him a €5 fine for using his mobile in the library. And then had the cheek to say his books were overdue and would he pay a €2.60 fine on them. What a poor, long-suffering young man! I almost feel sorry for him. The world is so against him and his carefree, fun-loving ways.


Anonymous said...

Was it you who fined him? Probably was I know how partial you are to the ol' power trip!

Voodoolady said...

If you think that rant was bad, try listening to Micheal O'Leary screaming about Bertie and the Department of Transport for two hours. Actually, it was rather fun...seems a bit obsessed with having porno on his planes though.