Monday, April 18, 2005

Empty Pockets Don't Ever Make The Grade

Look at this! £16.50 to join the Dorothy L. Sayers Society! What a con. This is the internet, for crying out loud, everything is free! Why, just the other day I recieved an email off a gentleman from Nairobi who offered to split $46,000,000 worth of gold bars with me if I would just send him my bank and credit card details. He is being cruelly persecuted by the government, you see, and needs to get cash for the gold so he can buy safe passage for his family. I was a little perturbed that he addressed me as 'Mr Aughney, Sir', but the point is he is giving me this money. For. Free. Eat that, DLS Society.


Misspent Life said...

No one ever asks me to transfer money for them. :(

Linus said...

Hello, Misspent Life.

I am a prince of Dublin, and due to a recent upheaval in our family fortunes, I am left with 200 million euro, in gold pieces. I need an account and your name came up.

Can I have your details plz?


Anonymous said...

Would you not qualify for the under 25 fee??