Monday, August 09, 2004

Things you should know about me

1: I know seven people with the name Claire/Clare. My phonebook is very confusing
2: I like Bluegrass
3: I vehemently opose smiley's, textspeak and chatroom acronyms
4: I only eat green apples
5: Last weekend I put my underwear on upside down and didn't notice for TWELVE HOURS! I won't elaborate on how I managed to do this as it is really quite disgusting
6: My preferred profession is amateur detective. But only if I get to wear a monocle and drive a Vintage Bentley
7: I thought the Streets were cool long before anyone else did
8: When I was five I presented a bouquet to Kathleen Watkins (Gay Byrne's wife) at the opening of the supermarket where my father worked
9: When I hear people say clever things on the television, I write them down and try to think of ways to work them into a conversation
10: I love to-do lists. Putting a line through a completed item gives me a thrill like nothing on this earth
11: When I was in sixth class I copied my entire Summer science test off Grainne Walsh. I got a 98, she got 100. I missed one answer cos she had her hand over it
12: I call glasses-wearers 'Speccy-four eyes' because I secretly think glasses are sexy and am ashamed of my own perversion
13: I make FANTASTIC scrambled eggs. Seriously, you should come to breakfast sometime
14: Politically and morally, I am very conservative.
15: I hate hippies
16: Despite what I might say to the contrary, I only studied history in college because I fancied one of my professors
17: I can't spell
18: My nose is crooked though my mother swears the doctor didnt smoosh it with the forceps during delivery
19: My only true ambition in life is to be disgustingly rich. Everything else can go to hell
20: Subtlety really floats my boat
21: I can fit twelve burger bites in my mouth at once
22: In my spare time, I love to catagorise my books and CDs by author or artist name, genre and mood
23: I really, really don't get Big Brother
24: My favourite place to be, and my favourite time to be there, is Hodges & Figges on Dawson St after six o'clock on a Thursday. Whenever I see someone with a Hodges & Figges carrier bag I am struck with a sudden wave of envy
25: I love to sneak glances at what other people on the bus are reading and make personality judgements on the basis of their books
26: When I get bored I sellotape together little bundles of five cent coins together for bus fare


Mossy said...

Speccy-four eyes, eh? Hmmph. Although, I know I am quite sexy, in a nerdy kind of not actually sexy way.

Lol ;) p)

Voodoolady said...

Lucy, I never knew you were a cheater, GrĂ¡ must have been so upset when she found out!! heh.
Also, there is nothing wrong with smileys ;)

Mona said...

Lucy-sticking coins together for the bus fare? seriously? Bored or organised freak?

Anonymous said...


Having conducted rigorous tests into the feasability of what you've suggested, I say you're bloody well lying about the underwear-on-upside-down-incident:
A bra you could put on upside down, agreed, but if you put underwear on upside down and pull it up fully it then becomes inside out!

Please drop me a line as i am still intrigued though,

P.S. Have you considered using surnames to distinguish your Claire's, you bough!?

P.P.S. You don't know what you're missing out on with red apples.

P.P.P.S. I do agree with you about big brother though.