Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Roommate Ramblings

I have an insane roommate. Seriously, she is the oddest little thing I have ever met. Last night while we were all sitting around enjoying a peaceful hour of TV watching, she winced and jumped up from her chair suddenly during an ad break.
'Eek!' she shrieked. 'I hate those Budweiser ads! It always freaks me out when I think what those horses are going through!'
With a girly whimper she ran into the other room, leaving me to eye the television warily as the Budweiser carthorses ran wildly through the desert. Animal cruelty it isn't.


Mossy said...

I think she needs to be put out of her misery. Would that be considered animal cruelty??

Anonymous said...

I hate those Heinikin ads-'Heiniken dont do holidays but if we did..' Did ya ever see a girl with glasses on them? And what's wrong with it being a woman the odd time with loads of lads around-'Heiniken dont do bikini waxes but if we did...'