Sunday, May 02, 2010

I invented blogging, didn't I?

As far as I'm aware, before I entered the blogosphere, the internet was a vapid wasteland of porn and adverts. My arrival to the "internet superhighway" heralded a new age of eloquence, civility and sophistication, an era of intelligent discussion and debate, fairness, equality and mutual respect. ONE WOULD THINK.

I had a substantial bone to pick with my good pal Dave last night when I ran quite accidentally into him: 'DAVID' I growled across the bar when I saw his head. He didn't hear but those close to me shivered with fear. I strode across: "David," I whispered in his ear, "a word".

"David! I thought we were pals!" I said smilingly. "We are pals, Lucy" Dave replied, staring blankly into his pint. "That's what I thought too, Dave, until somebody went about starting his own blog without telling me about it...!" "Right, what happened there was, I wanted to start one, as a New Year's type thing and-"

"Shhh, Dave, shhh." I said, placing a forefinger to his lips. "I forgive you. Just do me one favour, right?"

"Just link to me, alright? Good man. And remember: I'm Tramore's number one blogger. Me. This town ain't big enough for any more, ya dig?"


David Power said...

Ok, I did it. I'm sorry but I hope I go to Heaven now.

Lucy said...

Good boy :)

LizP said...

Hey Luce,
I am forever grateful for your blog as it broadens my vocabulary no end! Who know "vapid" was a word? I had to check it out in Word Thesaurus. You make me a better person!!!!

joven said...

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Jason said...

Power is a terrible person, I agree. He frequently goes golfing w/o inviting me. In retaliation I'm posting a back link to my blog on this site. Though I'm not sure this really gets back at him.

Lucy said...

Dastardly! We'll break that toffy-nosed Power's spirit yet!