Thursday, August 07, 2008


Mags has coldsore. Is gross. Also: internet cafe PC in Berkeley did NOT auto-complete when I typed it in. What? I thought everyone in California had a blog. Is MINDBLOWING. In other news:
  • Am alcoholic now (Now?, you say)
  • Planes suck
  • Cork must be empty as entire population over here
  • Timezones suck
  • My sister is a selfish dork
  • 'Frisco ROCKS!
Why doesn't everyone in the world live in San Francisco? Is most amazing place on earth. Let's just give up on rest of it and move all people here.

PS: Only on blogger because am killing time while Mags is beboing EVERYONE SHE KNOWS saying 'SFran is deadly! Not married yet! Fingers crossed!'

1 comment:

Mossy said...

Ah Frisco. You stole my heart.

Don't forget to do the Wiggle.