Monday, December 31, 2007

2008: The Year of the Kennys

What in the name of all things holy are you doing on the internet superhighway, tonight of all nights?? Good God, have you no shame?! Do you not realise what tonight is? It's Jigs and Reels 07! The television show that celebrates the art of Irish dance and cretinism of Irish celebrities! What ARE you doing? Get thee to thy television and vote! Only for my uncle Jon obvs, or I'll move you to my naughty list. And tomorrow? Tomorrow, when you clutch your tummy and head and moan for relief? Why, you're watching Living the Dream, natch! What else?!

If you're reading this on Wednesday because you slept through the entire new year festivities, s'okay! There's still hope for you! I came up with that title you know. Where are my royalty cheques, you ask? Where indeed, friends.

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