Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lucy: Now with music!

I think we can all safely say that I am a musical person. I mean, I read Mojo, when I see it lying around in someones house or something, and I buy albums. Sometimes they're not even in the top 30! But that's me, I'm just very, very creative. And, um, into music. So when I got the opportunity to learn guitar, I jumped at it. Well, two weeks later I jumped at it, cos the first Tuesday I was working and the second Tuesday I was just really tired. Guitar playing is shit-easy, alls you need is a guitar and fingers. I broke into Marie's house* and stole her guitar, which has an interesting provenance you might want to hear about some day and then when you hear about it you will sigh and be sorry you cared enough to stay conscious long enough to hear about it.

Mainly, we learn the chords. I say mainly but that's a lie, because mainly we listen to my teacher, Pascal, bang on about how you have to want to learn guitar, and you can't learn it for anybody else you have to learn it for yourself. Whatevs, man, I just want to learn some riffs so I can impress at parties. Then Pascal knocks out some hip tunes just to show us all what we can learn, eventually. But no time soon, no no. Maybe next year. Maybe 2011. But the guitar is a lifelong thing. 'You never stop learning,' says Pascal, 'look at me, sixty in June and I'm still learning.'

Pascal took one look at Marie's guitar, which is streaked with wax thanks to her fondness for candles and lots of 'em, and said it had a crooked neck and needed to be restrung as the strings are black and dirty and inhibit my magical strumming. So I borrowed one off my Dad's girlfriend Bridget, and it turned out to be super-fantastic. A) because it's a Yamaha and is 'a very good guitar', according to Pascal, but more importantly I feel because b) it comes in one of those hard, black cases that gangsters carry their guns round in. Everyone else in the class has those crappy-looking padded-nylon cases which you could never ever carry a gun round in.

Pascal says we are a very advanced class, but Pascal is used to teaching ten year olds so what does he know. I'm a few weeks behind everyone else because I started late but I don't let that stop me. Nor do I let the strange buzzes my strings make when I touch them bother me. As Pascal says my fingering is excellent. Which, as far as I can make out, is kind of like saying 'well done on not dropping the guitar!' Unfortunately, Pascal also thinks I should slow down and just learn two chords a week to everyone else's three cos 'everyone's different. In every class in every school in the world there's the brainy girl or boy and the child that has to go a little slower. It doesn't mean anything; it just means everyone's different. But everyone's the same, Lucy. Do you get me?'

So, yeah. Looks like I'm the retard of the class.

*Well, if you consider calling into her mother and asking her politely could I borrow Marie's guitar as stealing. Which I do. I'm hard!


Mossy said...

Guitar!? Pfft. Man, get down to Game, get a PS2 and guitar hero. You'll be a rock star in hours, not years, sans sore fingers.

Brian said...

"Looks like I'm the retard of the class."


yes, lucy, yes it does.