Sunday, February 04, 2007

CAUTION: Fuck-ups and unabashed pleading contained herein

I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but somehow my laptops gone horizontal on me. And I can't switch it back. And before you ask, no, turning it off and on again didn't work. Nor did blinking hard and saying 'ta-da!'. So you could say I've exhausted all reasonable avenues. What to do, what to do. Come on nerds, muster your wisdom and advise me! You've got to be of some use to me, otherwise what am I keeping ye on the books for? Please? I'm developing an aggressive crick in my neck.

And no snotty remarks about my wallpaper, k? I mean it, shitheads. No, you grow up. No, you. Stop calling me pretentious or I'll tell Mom.


Donal said...

Try these suggestions

Lucy said...

You sir, are a legend. It worked and we are all upright once again. Thank you a trillion.

fuzzbrian said...

just right click on the desktop and click rotate 90 degrees anti-clockwise. obviously.

i don't even use PCs.

Donal said...

A ledge at last, and without recourse to Bebo, excellent.

Glad to be of assistance.