Friday, July 14, 2006

Put your sweet fingers a little closer to the keyboard, it's hard to read between your lines

Roisin and her twenty years
My good pal Rois turned twenty last Tuesday. Here she is displaying her usual camera shyness. Or, as she likes to call it, 'fuck off, I know about you and your shitty website, fuck away from the face, Aughney.' I didn't turn in at her party until nearly one but luckily it was only just getting started. Much hilarity and penguin bars was shared all the same, and Emma tried to shove the whole birthday cake in my face. My arch-rival, Mark, he of 'she is such a biiiiitch!' fame, told me of his plans to study musical theatre in L.A. And Claire lay down on the floor and started singing All That Jazz. And Laura sat on her tummy and tried to tickle her till she farted. You missed out, my friends.

Claire and Laurs develop the little known 'tits and teeth' segment of Whigfield's Saturday Night


Curly said...

I read that sash as 'Parry Gin', and wondered what the fuck sort of party this was.

Then I deduced that I was being thick as shit.

fuzzbrian said...

wow, sounds like fun.

AMS said...

moves sure to be seen on the dancefloors of Ireland this summer.


Brian said...

Hey Lucy,

I just wanted to say that I think you're a really talented writer. I realize this might mean less coming from "an American", however I wanted to tell you that your writing is really exceptional.


Lucy said...

Curly: I love you despite your being thick and illiterate.
McCartan: I love you, biting sarcasam and all.
AMS: You are new but I love you anyway.
Brian: You are American but I love you too.

I am full of love for all humanity. I may be drunk...

Joey said...

Lucy, I can't email cos Im in work and NZ but Im going to say this... YOU'RE a LEGEND!! And thanks for the Monkey Mail! How did you find one that looked so like me? Amazing. And Im going to Fiji in a month but I'll bring you back a shell. And sorry I had to announce all this on your blog. Have to go... I may get fired =>