Sunday, July 02, 2006

Muy bonita

Rois, Moi, Jen, Annie, Sarah upon the occasion of Jenny's nineteenth birthday, 29/06/06

There! Look at us all! Aren't we just gorgeous? Roisin is the one hiding. She is a fearsome criminal who can not be seen on camera because of her fugitive status. And before you ask, yes, all the drinks are mine. It was fantastico. When I say 'fantastico' I kid myself that I can speak Spanish. I can you know. I can say 'I have a sister, she is blonde, I work in a book shop, I play tennis.' I learned all the important stuff you see. I kid myself though. I never play tennis. Fucking rackets way too heavy. I'd play badminton if you asked but I'd start laughing as soon as you said 'shuttlecock' and we'd never recover.


Joey said...

AND you can say where is the cathedral in Italian. Spectacular!

Curly said...

Why isn't Jenny in the picture? Was it a shit birthday?

I mentioned Trafest to some guy from Dublin on the weekend - he sniggered, called Tramore an unsavoury name and asked how the hell I knew about that... I dropped your name and he instantly covered his tracks and had nothing but good things to say about the place afterwards.

(half of that was a lie)

Lucy said...

I am perturbed by that story. How can someone know Tramore and not know me?!