Saturday, July 07, 2012

And There You Go, Now You Know All Of My Secrets

Sometimes, when I'm feeling a little bit lonely but also melodic (not too lonely, just a nice measure for poignancy), I'll listen to Heart of Gold like ten times in a row, sometimes more. I don't even particularly adore Neil Young or anything, just Heart of Gold.

True story. Rivetting, I know.


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Raskolnikov said...

When I read your blog I wish I could ask you you know some of my secrets.

Lucy said...

Holy shit man. Way to go on getting a girl's attention.

Got the swearing book plus the Pinker, by the way. The swearing one looks dauntingly academic so starting with the Pinker.

Raskolnikov said...

Yeah, I'll probably regret writing that in the morning, especially if you know who I am. It's true, though.

The first chapter of the swearing book has some phonology and lots of tables. If you get bogged down in it just skip to the next chapter. After that it's just how words were used differently and a few interesting tables. The chapter on the 18th century has a table on the 'God's-x' contractions. If, like me, you spent your teenage years watching Alf Stewart you might enjoy that one.

Lucy said...

Way to go on spoiling a perfectly good Monday with reality. Can you just email me like a normal invisible internet friend, please? Lucy.aughney @

Ah, stop enticing me, I'll get stuck in soon. I hope it doesn't step up my swearing, I'm already way too proficient in that area.

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