Saturday, November 06, 2010

Things I discussed with people at Library Council Conference

1. Books (obvs)
2. Wine (double obvs)
3. Irish Book Awards. Vote now!
4. Melanie's dress
5. How savage Claire Kilroy is
6. How savage Claire Keegan is
7. How hard it is to differentiate between the two, if you're a dope
8. What a knob (apparrently) Jonathan Franzen is, though great press
9. How savage Sinead O'Connor is
10. No, you pronounce it 'Gillian Welch'
11. How cool is this?
12. Oh really, what's your hotel room like?21
13. No seriously, my bed is massive: I'm considering soliciting for a threesome later on just to exploit the capacities of the bed
14. What? Well, no, I was only joking
15. It is a big bed though
16. Hey, you know what else is savage? Literacy initiatives!
17. How savage my friend, The Casanova Wave is.
18. Oh wait, you have a hot tub? LETS GO SEE! Everyone, LETS GO SEE!
19. ...
20. That was weird, yeah?
21. Hey, Melanie's got champagne- HEY MELANIE!!!
22. - 74. Zzzzzzzz

75. WHAT? Someone streaked through the bar at 5am??? Damn; missed it :(

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