Monday, May 26, 2008

Tramps Like Us

Raaar! He's coming to git ya!

In other news, Lorretta needs a class in correct photo-framing techniques, and the RDS concert staff are very prone to letting a little bit of power go to their heads. You need to tone down the attitude, people! What is this, like, a Big Brother, Orwellian concert? Are we attending a over-protective nanny-concert, where simple folk like you and I (more I than you, I'll admit) are prohibited from smoking cigarettes in the stands and dancing in the aisles? I ask you, what next?? No singing in the stands? No-shockhorror!- drinking in the stands?? THIS MADNESS MUST STOP!


Brian said...

what night was that? i was there friday night.

if you got seated tickets, you deserve to be treated like plebs!

Lucy said...

Sunday, hereafter known as 'the best night'. Three encores AND Colin Farrell was there.