Sunday, July 22, 2007

Blogging the Radisson!

Maries asleep! Shhhh!

We are in the Radisson Limerick. I can't explain why; it's too complex and I'm waaaay too drunk. Apparently, I'm not too drunk to use semi-colons and sixteen vowels to emphasise a point. AMAZING. I always suspected I was a pretentious punctuator.

The big news here is, of course, that when you arrive home and your hotel has a room service menu that runs twenty-four hours, they don't actually serve you your savoury roast beef sandwich at 4am, cos the kitchen is closed. And then, when you put on a funny posh voice and ring down again to ask for the sandwich again ten minutes later they will say, 'no, the kitchen is closed. I told you that ten minutes ago.'
Also, if you stay in a posh hotel with a girl, taxi drivers will assume you are gay together and point out gay bars on the way into town. Just sayin'. For future reference, guys.


Mairéad said...

How peaceful does she look??!! I bet you were standing over her bed while she slept all night!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey you fecker i mite have bin round lim dat wkend anon previous resident of limerick for circa 6 frckin years!! biatch