Monday, March 05, 2007

Why isn't everything the way it is on MTV?

-is the title of my debut album. Visceral and challenging, it raises pertinant questions concerning modern life, pop culture and humanity's obsession with the commercial in, uh, modern life. Tentative release date May 2008, depending on my recording commitments.

OMG, so much happened! Ultimately, I can't share with you these happenings because on closer inspection, they proved to be of the mundane and joy-killing type. And in case this is your first visit to a blog, mundane joy-kills are soooo not what blogs are about. They're all about the sexy, fierce, MEGA stuff. Like 'Now, I am a man' or 'Lately, I've been experimenting with bisexuality. Alone'. Not 'Recently, I got a totally fugly haircut. That hairdresser is so dead. But I won't actually do anything about it cos I think she may be mad at me for getting off with her brother, like, hello! years ago!' or 'Have I told you yet about the mildly amusing anecdote regarding a briefly mislaid wallet? No?! Sit down, pull up a bean-bag! The ending is vaugely anti-climactical but you won't even notice because you'll have drifted off!'.

Stay tuned for multi-various incidents of fun, recounted here as soon as I can fabricate them!

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