Thursday, January 04, 2007

We've all been so blind

Yeah, yeah, I know all you internet nerds have seen this already but believe it or believe it not, there are some people in the universe who haven't. And they all live in Tramore. I don't see what the big deal is. So she wears a wig, so what. So do most lustrous-locked black lady-singers. Though Jamelia might want to lay off the extensions a bit. But what do I know about looking good?


Ha, sorry, it's just that I'm so fucking funny some times. So Beyonces human, big deal. This is like that time when someone walked in on me putting on lipgloss in the Vic bathrooms and fainted from the shock. I was all, 'like, hello! So I wear make-up, big deal! I don't wake up looking this good! Jeez!'

Me and B, we're human, just like you. Only a better-looking human.

PS: Also she's thirty-two, which I most patently am not. So I win this round, Knowles.


Chris Cope said...

Maybe Beyonce is, in fact, Trill, like Jadzia Dax.

Man, how's that for a geek comment?

Anonymous said...

Oh Lucy... Why do you feel the need to belittle us Tramore people, I've seen it before... I have!! Though, in fairness, I've also sat in chewing gum... I'm a law unto myself. Thanks for all the help!!

fuzzbrian said...

i cant help but feel slightly reassured that this utterly uninteresting and irrelevant non-story hadn't previously interfered with my personal realm of conciousness.

That's the problem with knowing lucy, you'll always discover something you didn't want to know.

as an aside, who gives a fuck if beyonce wears a wig, have you not seen that ass and those breasts??? she can wear a turban for all i care. "you don't look at the mantelpiece......" and all that.

Mairéad said...

Hey lucy
U no beyonce is who i got matched wit on, Yes i know the we look SO alike we could be twins sure!! I don't wear a wig though, i can't sing and also i'm not as dark as here but other than that we are SO alike!!
I don't think she's as old as 32 either!

Joanne said...

She looks like that chap on Star Trek except he has the wrinkly bit on the FRONT of his face. Other than that though, she's the bulb of him.