Saturday, February 04, 2006

Portrait of the blogger as a tent-dwelling chiddler

When we were young my aunt Mercy took me and my cousin Brendan camping for a week every summer holiday. In this way I experienced for the first time Kerry, Cork, camp sites, swimming in stony inlets without a lifeguard, eating cold beans for tea and sour milk and corn flakes for breakfast and the utter, inexplicable joy of not washing for a week. Golden memories, folks. In the above picture Brendan has just told a filthy joke. Note my prudish response, even then.

In the picture below we attempt impressions: Brendan does a mean Calvin sans Hobbes while I struggle to pull off Violet Beauregarde without blue body paint. Not pictured is Mercy doing a David Bailey.

Yes, yes: I know that's not very funny but the photos are cracking, aren't they? Notice especially our perverseness in failing to pose in any traditional manner. We were rebels even at age eight. At least I still am a rebel. Brendan now works in IT.

I need say no more, I think.


Huw said...

Your holidays sound much like my day to day life. But with fewer lifeguards.

Anonymous said...

You're back in the game. I take what I said about the arse falling out of this site back.

Marie said...

Aww pictures of little Lucy, you were so cute, not a lot has changed your still a cutie.

fuzzbrian said...

i know your sundays are all probably fairly pathetic (in fairness, even MINE are), and i have just the thing for em. i have just discovering the greatest thing ever since i looked in the bathroom mirror the other day and noticed what a handsome focking ledge i am.

Ross O'Carroll Kelly.

R.O.C.K., to you.

After an impulse buy of the Sunday Tribune yesterday, (faced with the other options i decided i plain couldn't give a fuck about ryan tubridy's marital problems), I read the paper with my usual sunday sang-froid (good sunday papers are hard to come by).

Then i discovered the absolute focking GEM that is ross o'carroll-kelly's spoof social diary on the back page of the arts section. What a focking handsome rugger playing ledge. Having looked further into it i realised it wasn't just a once off, THEY HAVE IT EVERY WEEK. i endear you all to check it out.

"... I have to admit, roysh, Amie is looking like a total honey, basically the spit of Mischa Barton with an orse like two rats focking in a sock.... "

Curly said...

Brendan does a great Calvin impression!

Didn't they give you sleeping bags in the tent? Blimey, Ireland is warmer than I remember!

Anonymous said...

Hey there LUcy I've finally gotten round to checkin this thing out, and I'm quite impressed... By the way, do you still have that delighful t-shirt?? It would set the Dooly's world alight at the next staff party, Lol x