Wednesday, March 27, 2002



Oh sweet Jesus. I have a stalker. Thank you thank you thank you! Its just what i've always wanted! Well, no, actually what i've always wanted is to be a stalker but this is just as good!

I have revealed the Janine pretender to be a fake, and i have since been recieving tantalising clues about his/her identity (sex undetermined), such as:

'Lets just say I know where you live...'
'I'll give you a clue. I enjoyed your newsletter, so nice to get a mention...'
'Hey, youre not allowed to mess with my head- I'm the stalker remember!'

WOW! I mean, wow! I have my very own crazed fan! I have my own opinions about who it is though- i've got an inkling it might be Enrique cos i'm always mentioning him. Or- Oh! It might be Bono! Yes, i'd say it's definatly Bono. Wow. Cool or what?

Thank to Amy for the 'Congratulations on your preganancy' card- very tactful.


Now I know just too much about you dont I?


What did Enrique say about the pregnancy? Or is it Bono's?

Mairead Flanagan, interested party
I must point out that it is necessary to procure a court order before delving into anyone's private phone records.
Graham Miller, phone person
Lucy, i have your present made, do you want to call in for it or will i post it to you?
Liz Kelleher, amazingly kind and generous person
To do something with stealth and silence.
eg; The mysterious figure crept surreptitiously through the trees.
'Lucy! You have a surreptitious stalker!' exclaimed the police.
Just thought that needed to be said.
What I have done is that i have successfully lost ALL the titles of my undone essays, meaning i am even more royally f**ked than i was before (if that is possible). I had them all (all ten of them- I am quite a bit behind) written out on pages and stuck in a plastic sheet which i have mislaid. Now I have to go tramping round the whole college collecting them all up again. What a bother. I hate my college.
Cant think of anything to say. Am v.v. bored. Oh well. Better go study. Huh.

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